Thursday, May 06, 2010

More on Mr Shahzad's Academic Career

Steve Sailer digs up some more.  And it is amusing and appalling.
From the New York Times:
According to immigration officials, Mr. Shahzad arrived in the United States on Jan. 16, 1999, less than a month after he had been granted a student visa, which requires a criminal background check.

He had previously attended a program in Karachi affiliated with the now-defunct Southeastern University in Washington; a transcript from the spring of 1998, found in the garbage outside the Shelton house, showed that he got D’s in English composition and microeconomics, B’s in Introduction to Accounting and Introduction to Humanities, and a C in statistics.

GPA in Karachi = 2.0 = U.S. student visa!
 This raises, to my mind, more questions about the University of Bridgeport and Steve has the answers.

From on the U. of Bridgeport:

SAT Scores of Enrolled Freshmen
SAT Math448 average
390-490 range of middle 50%
Score of 700 - 800
Score of 600 - 700
Score of 500 - 600
Score of 400 - 500
Score of 300 - 400
Score of 200 - 300
So a pretty mediocre student body, as expected (Steve has other test scores, and the picture is consistent).

As ever Steve finishes with a flourish.
Granted, he tried to set off a car bomb in Times Square, but in return for the H1B visa, Elizabeth Arden got a "highly skilled" "temporary clerk in the accounting department." Sounds like a good deal to me! The economy would collapse if there weren't an endless supply of temporary clerks to keep wages down. As Tom Friedman has tirelessly pointed out, how can we possibly keep ahead of the Chinese unless we let all the rich families in the Islamic world unload their dumbest sons on us?


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