Friday, June 18, 2010

CBC Expert Testimony on the Oil Spill

Gloria Reuben?! Cute as a button.
And dumb as a button.
What is in the mind (if they have one) of CBC producers?
This is the CBC's idea of expert testimony?!
I am embarrassed by my country. (Though Gloria is REALLY cute.)
UPDATE: REALLY REALLY cute. Bright, well, that is another question, but she is impressed by Obama's speech.
UPDATE #2: Gloria has the answer! We can conserve energy. Now Gloria is a media figure - my guess is if she commits to bicycling for all her future travel this would be a big help. I have a haunting suspicion she will not make that commitment.
Now I confess I flew to Portland, Oregon last week and flew back and I am bad too but I am not getting holier than Gloria about this stuff.
Will Gloria commit to stop driving and flying the rest of her life?
I think I know the answer!
Why does the CBC give her ten minutes! I could use the ten minutes.
UPDATE: Hmm by the way - should not the CBC document the cost to us of remote electronic interviews like that with Gloria Reuben? Maybe the standard assumption should be that all interviewees walk down to the CBC studios for a chat! If they ask me I commit to that. I am coming to despise these people.


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