Wednesday, June 02, 2010

A Morning Walk

I enjoyed a morning walk today in my currently favorite baseball hat.
As I was walking I could hear birdbrains rumbling around me, communicating in their primitive ways that an unwelcome creature was around, and clearly evaluating the possibility of an attack, like ones I have been the victim of in the past.
But these birdbrains are birdbrains I like, not like the ones hitting the streets screaming and shouting, and holding 'hunger strikes' that last only 30 hours (seems to me it should be called a diet strike - hope the boys got sixpacks as a result); these birdbrains will not feel insulted they are called birdbrains because they are birds!
Particularly, at this time of year, Red-Winged Blackbirds really do not like having me anywhere near their new kids (out feeding this morning)
They had allies as well, at least against me; other birdbrains have attacked me in the past and I startled at least a couple of their kids this morning.

But no actual attacks today!


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