Saturday, July 10, 2010

Another Successful Uneventful Protest

There is something wacky about this. (Seems to me the protest contradicted itself.)
Today the police knew nobody was planning to run around bashing windows and doors and setting fire to police cars for no good reason.
A couple of weeks ago, of course, they knew full well that that was the precise agenda of a large part of the group 'protesting'.
I still find it hard figuring out what could have been done better on the G20 weekend.
I suspect there are still many silly people who are under two misconceptions: 1) Canadian rights are like US rights (we do have 'breach of peace' laws); and 2) standing around providing cover to vandals is not being an accomplice to vandalism.
I think view 1) is borderline, and view 2) is creepily dumb. I suspect most of today's protestors lived with 2) in their (small?) brains.


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