Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Plasticty of Song Lyrics

h/t Megan McArdle (and I recommend her passing comment on this!)
I'll embed just the first of at least three videos you can find on YouTube. Three generations, starting with a death camp survivor, express a nice defiance.

The other two videos bear watching.
The comments at YouTube show that the great triumph of the free West in the 20th century, the interruption of The Final Solution, still faces opposition, and that opposition is growing and getting uglier by day now again in the West, connived in by people who congratulate themselves, I am sure, for their compassion and goodness. As I suspect the Nazis did.
If you just like fun well you get some Gloria Gaynor (actually it sounds like a cover but it is still fun) and some Leonard Cohen!
UPDATE: The comments stream can be very hard to read at times. Even crazier than some of my siblings! And maybe the hardest bit is that this family could not persuade the whole extended family to join in. I can see how it would be challenging in ways. Congratulations to those that did, especially grandpa, and thanks for sharing it!
UPDATE: Craig Newmark comments on this in a way that is its own touch of genius,


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