Friday, July 09, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Impresses Me No End

This just stuns me.
I wish I could take notes with this skill! I used to be secretary of some groups in a consortium I am still an active member of, but NEVER achieved anything like her notes here.
I quite liked her in 'Mean Girls' and thought her a highlight of 'Georgia Rules', but I think now that, as a representative of my consortium, I should try to find out if she wants to take notes at our meetings.
Disclosure: I think 90 days is a bit over-punitive, but maybe what she needs is to understand she cannot keep cashing in her celebrity. She should recognize her REAL skills. She is obviously no dumb completely trivial twit. I hope she figures that out.
Lohan might have learned her note-taking skills in high school, where she was a straight-A student who reportedly excelled in science and math. Though Lohan turned down film roles to attend Cold Spring Harbor High School in her Long Island hometown, she later left and was homeschooled.
Home-schooling is sometimes a good idea; with the people who lived in her home, I would say it was not! Funny - is this not roughly what 'Mean Girls' was about?


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