Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ridicule is What is Deserved

NASA's new mission is what deserves the ridicule. And Michelle Malkin collects some of the best of it here.
I think my favorite is the box-cutter logo, likely reflecting the main Muslim influence on aeronautics in remembered history.
The addition of the NASA logo to the bomb turban in the famous Westergard cartoon is also pretty good, as is the new spelling out of NASA as the 'New Arabic Sensitivity Administration' (though it is weakened by the confusion of Arabs and Muslims).
It remains fascinating the degree to which Obama's press, apparently at times a bit disillusioned, has not dismembered this stupidity more. The guy is a dumb ass and I am a dumb ass for ever having thought even in a counterfactual exercise that I might have voted for him had I a vote.
I just wish there were some other credible candidate to get rid of this joker in 2012. He is so awful!
Keep the ridicule coming!


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