Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Laughter Outburst

Headline: Blame the HST: Some Toronto stores now charging 6ยข for plastic bags
That heads this article.
Why laugh?
Well, I think the HST is a very sensible alternative to its previous alternative. But I have always thought the 5 cent charge on plastic bags was outrageously stupid. Moreover, as the province (it was the province, I think?) imposed it they let the grocery stores keep the revenue! Now that WAS ridiculous. There is NO way to justify that intellectually.
MINOR UPDATE: Actually I think now this was Millerdumbness. Can anyone confirm.
So now, the punitive (in my view) 5 cent charge (after all the bags were free before the governments stepped in) rises to 6 cents and people think this is worthy of headline?
Ahh - there is that other issue. When the penny is (rightly) gone the new charge will be 10 cents (with as little justification as we had for five).
Disclosure: I love my cloth bags, many of which I got free as part of the promotions that followed and still follow these fatuities. But I also have princip


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