Monday, July 19, 2010

TTC Close to Useless

So yesterday I have a commitment to meet a friend near Bloor and Yonge at 10:45 am.
I set out in good time - I am in Woodbine Station by 10:15 am and see a sign that says the subway is closed from St. George TO Pape (carefully note the prepositions); the way I read this it is the opposite direction from the one in which I am traveling. So big deal not a problem.
AFTER I am in the train they announce it is a closedown both ways and that we must evacuate at Pape to take shuttle busses. OK I think, not a problem, I jump onto a shuttlebus and will make my destination with no problem.
I leave the subway at Pape and find at surface level there is a three-block queue waiting for apparently non-existent shuttle busses!
I take a taxi.
I make it.
So most is cool.
Except the fucking TTC sold me a ticket under false pretences! Typical Toronto! And they cost me an extra $20 for the taxi. BTW the taxi drivers were in heaven.
What is not cool is that the moron Adam Giambrone, directly responsible for this, is at least as dim-witted as his personal sexual life suggests. Why has he still his job? Do he and Miller have an interesting relationship? I don't know.
Just a question.
I would have thought just this one incident would have cost him his job. Seems really hard to get rid of Miller favorites in this administration.
In almost any of the jobs I have had such incompetence would have got me fired immediately. Damn I was born too soon and lacking an Italian surname and a tie to the NDP! I can think of no other explanation.


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