Monday, July 19, 2010

Voeckler! Contador Booed

A fascinating stage in the Tour de France.
To start - delightful to see Voelcker win this brutal stage; he was so tough holding onto the yellow jersey in a previous year
Very interesting was to watch the developments as Andy Schleck's chain slipped during an attack. I previously referred to this rant about soccer, which contrasted it with bike racing. When Schleck's chain slipped, there was no noble waiting for him by Contador or anyone else; if anything, they pressed harder, and now Contador has the yellow jersey and was widely booed at the presentation ceremony for the jersey.
The commentators are split on the ethics of exploiting the mechanical mishap. Schleck is angry in his post-stage interview (lacking the 'twinkle in the eye' he had in interviews so far, as noted by Phil Liggett, rather reminding me of Louis Oosthuizen). Contador says he had no idea there even was a mechanical mishap.
Canadian Ryder Hesjedal made the very sensible (to me) point that the chain could perfectly well have slipped BECAUSE OF the strength of the attack Schleck had just started. Hey, BTW - Hesjedal is now in the top ten in the general classification! Fantastic! Here's to almost unknown amazing Canadian athletes (God knows we waste enough time on the less amazing better known ones).
One thing I can say is I will NOT miss tomorrow's stage! Two category one climbs and two HC. If Schleck wants revenge, he can certainly get it.


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