Monday, September 20, 2010

Grimmest and Funniest Moments in Mad Men S04E09

Betty is in the lobby, and Megan has to leave Don with Sally for her (Sally's) transfer to the Francis home.
The utter incompetence of everyone (but Sally) is wonderful to watch.
Sally: "I want to stay and I don't know why I can't."
She tosses logic at her Dad and I suspect she may even hope he can supply some.
Poor Dr. Faye blunders in and Don rather stupidly thinks she can handle it, though she knows better.
"Dr. Faye wants to talk to you," a piece of BS that Sally smells right away.
"Sally, sometimes we have to do things we don't want to do." "Shut up."
Basically after that Don simply applies physical force.
Megan winds up being the one who comforts, though Sally does not allow the "It's going to be all right" lie.
Sally NEVER gets any explanation of what her parents are up to.
I am guessing we will see a lot more of Sally and I hope so. She deserves to be heard and has not been.
Like pretty much all the women in this wonderful, and very funny and simultaneously grim, episode.
And man, Dr. Faye's "Part of it's good" has to be pretty much the saddest line I have ever seen on television.


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