Sunday, September 19, 2010

Steyn's Sappho Award Speech

I find it bizarre that whatever Danish organization created this award named it after Sappho, but it gives Mark Steyn its award for a commitment to free speech, and this seems reasonable to me. He may not speak accurately with a full justification for what he claims, but he is almost always pretty funny, and he sure knows a lot about popular music.
The girl who introduces Steyn is far more credulous about him than I, and far more skeptical than I about multiculturalism (I do not think it requires us to believe that pernicious ideas from other cultures are to be tolerated, though there seem to be those who do think that).
Still the speech is worth a listen. There likely will come a moment where the willingness to be killed, well actually the unwillingness, will become an issue. Likely after I die. Steyn is reliably funny.
Fantastic that he was outside the US for the first time on September 11 this year.
And entertaining that the Euros pretty clearly get the problem with the utterlky useless 'Little Mosque on the Prairie'.
I am only slightly ashamed at busting out in laughter at his admonition to worry about moving the goat toward the grill.
UPDATE: This is a REALLY good speech! I think I want to listen to it every month or so.


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