Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Mad Men Season 4 Episode 7 - Favorite Lines

Mark - "Yes - I'm that important." (the call of a dying swan)
Don - "By the way - you are twenty something years old - it's time to get over birthdays"
Peggy - "Well it's not my fault you don't have a family or friends or anywhere else to go."
Peggy - "...playgrounds..."
This was almost a Dante's Inferno episode, and the usual Season 4 combination of laughter and cringing.
I saw a comment earlier today that what is making Season 4 SO satisfying is the incredible cross-referencing with the earlier seasons (despite some missteps). So while I have been encouraging SillyWife to watch I have strongly suggested going chronologically through the whole thing. Last weekend we reached the end of Season 2, which was a lot more than I had forgotten or remembered.
Moreover, the internal 'intertextuality' (sorry had to use one of those witless words academic like for a simple concept) can be brilliant even within the season. "That's what the money is for" was such a brilliant reflection of Peggy's sense of violation compared to Allison's this season.
This episode, halfway through the season, was clearly utterly key to the season (of which I hope this soap opera has many more). Can Don keep sinking? I suspect Anna and the suitcase are a positive hint. In a way I hope so.


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