Thursday, September 02, 2010

The Perversities of Locality

I do not get too many telemarketing calls any more, but I am noting that of the few I Do get, I am finding it harder and harder to understand a single word the caller says. I just tossed someone off who could not make himself understood to me beyond the assertion that they were canvassing my neighborhood. What for, I have no idea.
I suspect this shows that outsourcing has slowed down. A company in India would be deeply concerned that the speaker calling me could make him or herself understood. And I doubt they would have any problem making comprehensibility in English a condition of the job.
I am guessing I am now being hit by local companies, afraid to apply any serious requirements about Engliah language skills on new hires' after all, there would surely be human rights complaints! Now I did find this most recent call frustrating; I would at least like to know what company is violating the do-not-call rule, and whom I am rejecting happily out of hand. That I could barely understand a word out of this caller is no hint the company stuck doing this hiring is going to get very far.


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