Wednesday, September 08, 2010

A Mayoral Debate

Toronto elects a new mayor this year, and Gottseidank, the current clown is not running.
So whom do we pick now? See what you think.
This is a debate among the candidates and I do not recommmend your watching it unless you have some solid reason to.
But it has left some things clear to me.
The one candidate I would NEVER vote for, though I might with a gun at my head, is Joe Pantalone, who is somehow proud of the heritage of the godawful David Miller.
There is no question this debate puts Rob Ford at the top of my list; Rocco Rossi is next; Sarah Thomson seems pretty cool too. Smitherman has now found fiscal religion, the guy who pissed away a fortune as provincial Minister of Health. So yeah, he is an unlikely vote from me.
UPDATE: Rossi lost me with his credentialism and his cheap shot at Ford's charges in Florida. The man is an utter asshole.
UPDATE: Smitherman's argument for himself is that he was better than the a**holes that preceded him. Good God, what a nasty approach. I will never vote for that man for anything. What an utter jerk!
UPDATE: I like Sarah Thomson. She is funny and self-deprecating. (She is also really cute.)
UPDATE: After watching Rob Ford's sum-up, Panatalone's response disgusts me. No way I would ever vote for this guy for anything.

I love the end, which came from some of the stupid debate questions that Paikin imposed in the Federal Election debates (I thought the question was dim-witted but it showed a lot).

Ford refused to play.

He's my guy!


At 9:07 AM, Blogger rondi adamson said...

Patrick and I are always joking that it is too bad Pantalone is so wrong about everything because it would be great to have a mayor named "Joey Pants."


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