Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Oh Dear Me - The Current Sept. 7 2010

Could they get worse? Well, maybe.
And actually this segment was just typical. This was their "Aaarrgghhh - Americans are utter Islamophobes!" section of today's show (yes, sadly, I was on a drive today, so I did have to hear it, by my driving rules). It was Part 2 at this link.
I love the way the CBC producers line up the grievance mongers and professional complainers (one of the 'experts' was from a department of something like Muslim Studies, whose sure aim is simply to whip up complaints). I did wonder the degree to which the one sane person in the segment (the U of T prof) was aware of what trap he was walking into. And of course he was not even that sane, but way closer to being grounded in some real life not created by CBC journalists and academics in a 'Muslim studies' department.
But the amazing thing was the elephant in the room never came up.
Who are really trying to kill whom now in North America? I don't think there is much of a case that Muslims are targeted, and there does seem to be a case that they are targeting their co-religionists and others. I actually think this is a problem. I guess Anna Maria Tremonti must not, as she never raised it as one.
I hope I live another ten years; I bet the discourse will have changed.


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