Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Whom Can You Diss?

I have been wondering as I reflect on Glee. I do love its willingness to make fun of various aspects of diversity.
But the willingness to make fun of minorities is limited.
With Artie it has been mixed. And to be honest I think that character has been treated well.
Asians. Well, Tina just dumped Artie in a scene that I actually found pretty funny because the stereotypes are actually pretty real!
Jews are of course a total target. And they take a few forms - the buffoon who is the school reporter, Mr. Ben Israel, Rachel, and Puck. And they are all, I think, pretty good plays on stereotypes. It is not as if we do not know lovable and amusing Jewish people like them all. (Disclosure: I have known my Rachels, and could not take my eyes off them for years, and certainly cannot give up on this one.)
And white boys like Corey Monteith's Finn. We easily know them.
Mercedes? Hmm no - I think my whole memory is her getting kid gloves treatment.
And there is no Islamist idiot? This is an Ohio high school - were it one in Detroit you'ds have a herd of the little puppies to make fun of. Ain't so far away (in every sense). Will we see one this season?


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