Thursday, September 23, 2010

Silly Little City

The fatuous jerk who ran the last two times for Mayor of Toronto did so each time on a fiscal responsibility pledge of not increasing property taxes above the rate of inflation. Of course he and his clowns increased property taxes WAY more above inflation every year of the last eight! (Disclosure - I must admit I voted for him for the first regime, but had learned by the second).
Now we get the really silly! Rocco proposes parking forgiveness!
Is he not an Ignatieff guy? Why is he being so kind to car-drivers?
Sure, sheer desperation is a reasonable answer to me? But it makes my vote even harder to get!
The City undercharges for Parking in my view!
It is interesting to see that the Rossi campaign, now being directed by the ridiculous Warren Kinsell, has found an issue with which to battle the fiscal responsibility argument. Genius!


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