Thursday, September 23, 2010

Damn! Never Post Prematurely - Mad Men

No I don't mean the typos and semicolons that were supposed to be apostrophes. (Hey can I write apostrophe's?)
I mean do not link to a great post without grabbing its best bits out. And it is that Slate post I sent you to (well, if you read it). Julia Turner wonderfully tells me I had missed a large point about Ida Blankeship.
When Abe tells Peggy, "You're political, whether you like it or not," he's righter than he knows. It's not just that Peggy should recommend Harry Belafonte as a tire pitchman (although perhaps she should). It's that she, like Joan, and Faye, and Megan, and perhaps even Sally, are the natural descendents of the original Blankenships: women who were invited into the workplace to "answer phones"—and "be the pot" and call the coroner and hide the corpses and otherwise manage the practicalities, because, as the woman who rescued Sally put it, "men never know what's going on"—and who now find themselves moving on up, not as flightless birds, but as astronauts.
That almost has me crying. Go read the whole post. And no Don has never fly-fished.


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