Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Trailers/Ads Versus a Movie - Salt

I watched all the TV ads for 'Salt' and thought 'Thanks, but no thanks'.  Celebrity Star, and the only advertised reason to watch.  No cast members mentioned but Angelina Jolie - so I thought, to heck with that (though I might have asked whether I liked her earlier films).  The ads did not mention Liev Schreiber nor Chiwetel Ejiofor, actors I love seeing.  So I decided no way I watch this.
And man is it good!  Take a Bourne film and replace Matt Damon with Angelina Jolie and that is it roughly.  But the secondary casting here is SO rich.  What a nice piece of moviemaking!
Angelina Jolie is a celebrity.  But she is one great actress (explaining the earlier point).  I think this movie deserved a lot more respect.


At 9:07 AM, Blogger rondi adamson said...

Al, we had a long conversation about Salt nearly two months ago, after Patrick and I saw it. I highly recommended it to you as a good action flick (and even made the Bourne reference). I told you that both Schreiber and Ejiofor were in it. You proceeded to get into a lengthy disagreement on my FB page with a friend of mine regarding Schreiber's relative merits.


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