Monday, October 25, 2010

CBC And Omar Khadr and Ethics

Hey look I watch Law and Order and I understand somebody could plead guilty when not guilty. The CBC since the plea has given unchallenged access to his appalling Canadian lawyer to essentially say, like a lawyer I do or do not know, but maybe he plead guilty when he was not.
In Law and Order this was not a well-regarded thing to do.
Apparently confessing to a court and then having your whole PR team undermine his allocution is OK by some.
By the way - what is this 'child soldier' crap? He was 15 - most of the conventions don't include that age.
Moreover a 15-year-old on the streets of Toronto who shoots me or throws a grenade at me garners none of my sympathy and I think should be locked up for a good while.
I'm with Rondi. Two creeps are off the street today for a while. How long of course has to got with our judicial system so I expect to see one of the creeps in Timmie's next week and the other in a year and a half. Perhaps they will both be strapped in suicide bombs.
BTW - Carole McNeil asks what the lawyer who is so full of tears thinks of Khadr and he admits he has barely talked to him.
Ah yes CBC - good to spend so much time with that idiot. Typical.


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