Monday, November 22, 2010

The Amazing Race S17E09

Let me start by saying I won't really miss Chad and Stephanie though I do wish them well in their forthcoming marriage. And I even hope to hear about it.
What utterly blew me away this week was Nick and Vicki's decision not to do the fuck you thing to some other team (I forget the name of that). That Nat and Kat then did it to Chad and Stephanie really did not trouble me, though perhaps it should have. In the end, I am sort of in love with Nat and Kat.
But even more deeply, I am in love with Brook; she is incessant in her positive chirping, and it is clear that Claire has learned not only to live with it, but to take it as the encouragement it is meant to be.
Jill and THomas are also neat, so the next week will be fun.


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