Tuesday, November 23, 2010

DWTS - There Really Are Twits Loose in the Land

And Ann Althouse is decidedly hunting them down!
I really could barely believe this crap:
That's a Boston Herald columnist, a grown man, attacking a teenager... for dancing. Somehow it's an injustice if Jennifer Grey doesn't win. Jennifer Grey, supposedly she's a nondancer, eligible to be a contestant even though she danced famously in a very famous movie about dancing. Bristol wasn't even an entertainer, but she stepped up and exposed herself to all manner of embarrassment, trying to dance in front of an audience for the first time. And it's not as if Jennifer Grey has relied purely on dancing. Grey — with strong help from the show — vigorously milked emotions over the death of Patrick Swayze on "Dancing With the Stars." So I don't want to hear any of this "fairness" crap.
And she is back later finding Sally Quinn being unsurprisingly an utter twit:
So this lady, this longtime Washington powerbroker, has 6 phone lines, and she maxes each line out, each week, voting 30 times. But that's the show's rules. They can't tell how many individuals vote are voting. They can only see phone numbers. So if your family of 5 watches the show and you — you economic losers — only have one phone, you can make 5 calls. Sally Quinn happens to have 6 phone lines, so she gets 30 votes — under the rules.
She's voting correctly. For the best dancer. You stupid people are voting for Bristol Palin. Lord knows why.
Well I know why I cast votes for her; she seems a very pleasant and tough young girl who has learned a ton working with Mark Ballas, and it is a pleasure to watch her Mom and her Mom's parents watch her development! She has far more courage than I have ever had. It is also a pleasure to watch Jennifer Grey's friends and kid. And it has been a gas watching Kyle Massey (whoever he is?).
But Bristol is the only one of these who had no background in performance, and stuck it out through some pretty brutal criticism. She was a great choice as a competitor and I feel privileged to have watched her this year. John McCain - you did one thing right for my entertainment!


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