Friday, July 08, 2005

Poignant moments on GMTV

The last few minutes have featured a couple of interviews with survivors of yesterday's bombings - one of them a young Muslim named Mustafa, and watching the discussion made me understand how hard the next decades will be for perfectly reasonable people like him. Let me characterize him clearly as a very nice guy, who did a great deal yesterday to help victims of the bombing.
Needless to say, and not completely unfairly, the interviewer pushed some questions about Islamofascist violence at him. Tthe defensiveness they generated in this surely entirely innocent young man was interesting. They certainly produced some very bad arguments. At one point he asked whether we should blame atheists for Stalin's slaughters. Now I am pretty sure that the kulaks were not killed because they were not atheists. While the religion of peace has some difficulties with those of us who have no wish to embrace Islam.
We have some tough times ahead for the reasonable humans who want to be Muslims. To a degree my heart goes out to them.
As a measure of what a nice guy this Mustafa was, he had taken a picture yesterday of a young woman who was injured but not too badly and wanted news of her fate to go back to her family, and provided the picture for GMTV to put on the screen for her family to see. I hope there are growing numbers of people like him.


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