Monday, October 24, 2005

Feeling-Based Policy-Making

TV Ontario had an interesting segment on some new burdensome regulations being applied to butcher shops in Ontario. It confirmed to me that the current provincial administration loves meddling and seeming to do useful things (it is not hard to find evidence of this). The government spokesman, Tom Baker, said the following wonderful thing:
Some people feel that as many as one in four Ontarians may be affected
What he thought they were affected by was possible food poisoning. The show does a nice job of documenting the costs being imposed on small businessmen.

But to think one would cite evidence for imposing these regulations that would include what people 'feel'. Aargghh. And I will bet these same people make fun of Bush's 'faith-based' decision-making (which is a concept I think is dense too).

Maybe these guys are well-meaning but it seems increasingly unlikely they can do much good.


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