Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Bionic Fellowship enters Phase Two

For those following my eye improvement progresm, the second lens replacement operation took place yesterday; today's examination seems to say it went well, though it was a rougher ride than the first operation. The multimedia experience which I had in the first operation, featuring wild colours, occasionally sensations of water rushing through the eye, and eerie sounds, was enriched this time by a sensation I don't recall from the first operation, that of having my eye jerked around and manipulated directly. Perhaps a matter of anesthesia, but it was never painful.

So now we await a few more weeks of the eyes adjusting themselves. I have a provisional pair of glasses for distance vision, and can read fine without glasses, and the world is much clearer than it has been for months, and features more contrast and apparently brighter colours than it has in years.

My fellows in yesterday's round of operations were somewhat more subdued than the companions of the first one. Nobody was singing a national anthem or talking about joking with the surgical staff about their boyfriends, and that is slightly to be regretted.

It does make me wonder what crackpot ever thought there was any future in the idea of fixing clouding lenses by sucking the old ones out and sticking new plastic ones in.


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