Friday, January 27, 2006

Comatosely Blogging the Australian Open Final

Since Amelie Mauresmo broke onto the world tennis scene at the Australian Open many years ago, I have been cheering for her first major win. The Austin-American Statesman had a picture in its sports pages this week showing her fully extended for a shot, and it is a glorious piece of sheer physicality. I continue to cheer her on. (UPDATE: I found the picture, from AP, and stole it and have added it. All I Can say is WOW! Assuming she won the point.)
I have seen both her and her opponent today, Justine Henin-Hardenne, playing live. Hardenne is an implausible combination of small and powerful. Amazingly, she seems to succeed when aggressive. And Mauresmo may have taken that from her with a 6-1 first set victory.

UPDATE: The roof is closed in Melbourne and the bird sounds are totally wonderful!

UPDATE: Whoo - Hardenne starting to go to net. On the other hand, Mauresmo has a break right at the start of the potentially winning set.

UPDATE: Hardenne is down 2-0 in the second set, and a trainer is on the scene, doctor called. This could end up a farce.

UPDATE: Mauresmo has her major!! Sad, in a way, that it is by retirement. But one could view that as a reflection of how dominating your play is. Congratulations - I have so long hoped for this!

UPDATE: Speech to come!

UPDATE: OK awards ceremony. Big KIA sign in the back - on a couple of my recent business trips Hertz has given me KIAs. I must say I love them.

OK back to the players.

Hardenne - apology. Back-handed congratulation to Mauresmo - "she waited so long time to get a grand slam"
But in the end. Hooray!!!!!!! Amelie Mauresmo is there!
Given how much awful nonsense we know she has had to face, imagine what she has really faced.
Nice nod to Hardenne.
A quick wit - she thanks her tream, some guy shouts from the crowd, and she thanks him too.
A mild nod to the nasties she has faced.
Nice balanced speech, not wallowing in the crap she has faced, but not ignoring it either. ESPN is being a bit bizarre - like, the fact that Hardenne quit means Mauresmo did not beat her? That is moronic.

In any case, it ended as I hoped! I look forward to seeing a lot more Mauresmo in the future.

LAST UPDATE: ESPN observes that the last eight Grand Slams for women have been won by eight different women. Man, I love competition!


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