Sunday, October 29, 2006

Memo to Self - don't spar verbally with Sacha Baron Cohen

Becky Anderson does not really spar, but he shows how hard it would be if she had tried (she tries a little near the end, as she offers herself as a wife). Go watch. (You have to endure a short ad.)
Poor Kazakhstan (or maybe lucky Kazakhstan).
This boy is bright - he figured Canada out in what must have been only hours.

PS Update - there is a Canadian connection, related to Pamela Anderson.


At 1:51 PM, Blogger Martin said...

I am a great fan of this guy. He really shows what one can get away with as long as one makes fun of the right people. Certainly one wouldnt get away with such a routine based on Israel. His Ali G character is even better with his malapropisms and the third designer (can't remember his name) takes the Mickey out of machoism. Borat unfortunately depends much more on racial stereotyping so it is with some unease that I watch him. As long as we dont think that there really are Khazakstanis, his stuff is funny. And I think we all like to laugh at the way different people react to his comments. Chomsky (with Ali G) is the only one Ive seen that didnt really get pulled into anything. He seemed to regard each verbal offence as a potential "teaching moment". His patience is magnificent.


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