Friday, November 03, 2006

They are Pouring In

This is from a monarch mailing list I follow:

This is Shelley Whittall. I'm in Queretaro, Qro.I had my first sighting on October the 24th. There was a cold snap in Toronto on Sept 28th so I knew they would come after that and have been waiting, watching. I have seen a trickling everyday since the 24th, but yesterday- The Day of the Dead Nov 2nd - WOW! the migration exploded overhead!

I spent the whole day on the rooftop Terrace watching them come from the distant mountains north of the city. Hundreds and hundreds of them! They're so strong! I could reach up and touch them, some even bumped into me! WOW! What a sight! EVERYWHERE that you looked!

They rest in the Alameda, a huge treed park here in Queretaro in the late afternoons and evenings. The trees are filled with them, then they continue on their way the next morning.
The numbers are still coming on strong today! They fly over my B&B in the historic center at around 10 am, that must be how long it takes them from early morning to come from the mountain range and they continue overhead in large quantities until about 5pm.

I'm arranging some trips, so that tourists can see them all together in their colonies this year, in and out of the designated sanctuaries. There are colonies in the Sierra Gorda region of Queretaro too.
Hope to see some Monarch Watchers here this winter!

Now THAT is something I would love to have seen!


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