Friday, August 31, 2007

Ashbridge's Bay, August 31, 2007 - Monarchs!

Feeling too tired for serious exercise this morning (largely thanks to Fabrice Santoro), I decided to grab my camera and head to Ashbridge's Bay, intending to capture some evidence of the changing season. I had a particular tree in mind, with green, yellow, and red leaves in mind, which I never found.
But on the way, I had a first in my lifetime. And it was a surprise.
As mentioned before, I watched Monarch Butterflies travelling westward at a high rate last weekend. During the week, I've seen a couple of them flitting about, and had got to the point of assuming I would see no more.
So as I entered Ashbridge's Bay Park this morning I was a little surprised to see first one, then a pair, and then twos and threes flitting about. And about ten minutes into my walk, I hit my first tree pretty much covered with them!
There were a couple more similar trees and here are two or three shots I got. I tried to catch pictures of them flying, but that will take some practice. Maybe next year!
This was of the first tree I saw, and it amazed me. (click to enlarge)

I like this shot - note that many butterflies are in focus - the blur gives a sense of what a busy scene it was!

Here are a few individuals.

Several branches of several trees looked like this.

What a scene! What a morning!

UPDATE: (Sept. 1, 2007) Was back at the park and there was not a butterfly to be seen.



At 11:23 AM, Blogger monarchmama said...

Awesome ! This is something I would dearly love to see at least once in my lifetime. I live on the south side of Lake Erie and see lots of hungry migrating monarchs feeding on clover and asters, but have never seen an overnight cluster like this.

At 11:37 AM, Blogger Alan Adamson said...

I have made it through almost 60 years, more or less aware of the Monarchs for maybe 50, and I never believed I would ever see the like. This was a great thrill to me.
My weekend plans are to visit the north shore of Lake Erie (where I know from last year that they cruise through in very great numbers, at least in Port Stanley). I wonder if they are staging to head down the Detroit River. I have NO idea.
All I know is, I am still totally excited. A life waiting for this and now I have seen it.


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