Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Amazing Race - winnowing down to three

Well they sure got puckish (a feature I associate with my visits to the Czech Republic) with the telephone task. Assemble the five letters in the name Franz and guess that they should fill that name in some annoying form, among other items.
I give Meghan credit - she got it in two tries. She and Cheyne also have the full physical courage needed in this show.
Still that telephone thing seemed slightly unfair to people who would never know Prague's connection to Kafka. I love the Globetrotters but I think Sam and Dan were quite justified with their limited hint. Once you are told 'starts with F' it seems to me you have Farnz and Franz to try, though who knows in Czech.
More puckishness - the Golom task! Meghan was outstanding on that one.
Meghan and Cheyne reach the pit stop first and he rightly summarizes their virtues as being both physically strong and mentally strong, displayed clearly in this episode.
I had assumed the episode would just lead to the inevitable elimination of Brian and Ericka but the Globetrotters got themselves totally stuck on a simple puzzle (as had happened at least once before).
Farewell, Flight Time and Big Easy; I will miss you both.


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