Thursday, November 26, 2009

Has There Even Been as Good a Year as This in Men't Tennis?

This has been a year of classics.
Right now I am watching Federer-del Potro on my computer, and Murray-Verdasco on my TV, in tape delay (and I know the outcome, and people should think about what that means).
But what a year. Verdasco-Nadal at the Australian! Federer at the French final! (And what a pair of semifinals there!) Federer-Roddick at Wimbledon!
I do not even recall what happened at the US Open. (del Potro one! wonderful.) It has been a stunning year.
And these ATP quarters are just great.
I certainly hope the women's game can get back to this level.
But that men's tennis in this year has tossed up the like of del Potro and Verdasco is a great tribute to sport in its most lovely moments.
UPDATE: Into a third set del Potro live online against Federer. Meanwhile the TV station carrying Murray-Verdasco is in the third set and I know how it comes out. People should think what that means and I strongly recommend CRTC commissioners try to figure it out. I know it will not come easily to them, having watched them at work.
UPDATE: into the third set, on serve.
Is this the best tennis I have ever seen? Sure looks like it to me!


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