Saturday, November 28, 2009

BHL Really Jumps His Shark

This would be funny if it could be funny, and it is sad precisely as BHL has said a lot of good sense over the last years. But this is stunning in its lack of reflection; has he no sense of irony?
At this very moment, I am thinking about Emmanuelle, his wife. I am thinking about his two kids who saw their dad's name ignominiously dragged through the mud.
Well his wife chose him surely knowing what he had confessed to; and the word 'ignominiously' is comic in its placement. The guy confessed!
I am mostly thinking about him: Roman Polanski, who I don't know, but whose fate has moved me so much. Nothing will repair the days he has spent in prison.
Well he has not spent as many as he ought to in a sense because he fled many years ago.
Personally, I am astonished that this jerk got bail; he has proven a willingness to flee charges illegally, and I'd have thought that might play a role in such a decision.
Where do these European intellectuals live in their brains? Oh I know - anything the US does is wrong.
h/t Big Hollywood, who are much funnier than I am.


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