Friday, November 27, 2009

Canadian Content Offsets - Loons at the Helm

I've been grumpy about the CRTC hearings that are ongoing, but I am somewhat enjoying the comedic nature of the hearings this morning as Debbie Burke of something called MTroop Creative Services is testifying.
She sensibly seems opposed to fee for carriage or whatever the current euphemism is (basically it's a hand in my pocket removing money and giving it to Canadian broadcast capitalists who are able to exert influence).
But she has a howlingly funny proposal that basically mimics a carbon offset scheme but for Canadian broadcast content, not carbon. This is worthy of a company claiming to sell creative services!
I have to give the Pope credit - he asks sensibly who on Earth will manage the market for the Canadian content offsets and is trying to make ANY sense whatever of the proposition. Even the Pope finds this a bit complicated.
Needless to say, Debbie's solution is yet another regulatory body! Aaarrgggth.. What a silly little country.
Again, there is not a single person testifying in any way for actual Canadian viewers. I suspect most of them are like me - we like cable so we don't have to watch Canadian content!


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