Saturday, November 28, 2009

Jaw-Dropping Fight!

Tiebreaker in the del Potro - Soderling semi-final. I agree with the announcers about the jaw-dropping!
And I have to agree. A bit sad that Soderling is falling rapidly behind.
As I see it, neither of these guys was known even to fans like me until June. They then participated in two of the greatest semi-finals ever at the French Open.
And they both then proved that this was not a fluke - they are a problem for a good while and can play on all courts. This makes my retirement plans look really good.
Soderling came in a substitute for Roddick but we can assume he will be around for a while.
I love watching del Potro. At no odds would I have planned to bet on a Davydenko - del Potro final,
Men's tennis is just too much fun this year!


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