Thursday, November 26, 2009

More On Dancing With the Stars

This review was to the point in many ways.
Ya-freaking-hoo! For the first time in 6 seasons someone with a personality and someone we heard of before they danced on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars actually won the mirror ball trophy! I love Donny Osmond and I am so happy he won!
I grant you I knew who Kelly Osbourne is before watching the show, but other than she and Donny, anyone I had actually heard of got eliminated early. I have no idea who Mya is as a celebrity, though I grant she can dance.
But it is true that for pure charm, Mormons do pretty well.
I also agree with this part of the post:
Also way to go for Kelly Osbourne! You were the most improved and a joy to watch! She won over a whole new fan base and I hope we see more of her! Even though she was on the DWTS diet and there is a whole lot less of her!
Someone who seemed a mere brat to my mind came around wonderfully. Reality shows like this that generally try to reward excellence are the ones I like. It actually drives people who were not so excellent to find it a bit. And it was clear she knew she was being changed in the process as well.


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