Thursday, November 26, 2009

More Thoughts on the CRU Hack/Leak/Whatever

Having spent some days reading many many comments on some of the exposed communications, I feel perhaps somewhat less casual about it all. h/t to King Banaian for a reference to Stephen Karlson's post, which seems to me a nice summary of where my thinking is now. Personally, I think I am where Ilya Somin is cited as being in that post. Though the defensiveness about sharing the data seems utterly appalling to me, and not in keeping with anything that should resemble 'science'.
But the excellent reference to econometrics at the end of Karlson's post makes another great point: it's something I once sort of did and at the end this does affect my thinking. There is nothing more similar to climate models than econometric models, and the jiggery-pokery in those has always been an embarrassment.
And more embarrassing, both these sorts of models lie behind large policy decisions.


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