Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Alan's 100-Mile Diet

Provoked in many ways I have decided to start my very own personal 100-mile diet tomorrow.
I will buy NO food originated, perhaps even processed, in any area within 100 miles of my home. (There was a Food Network show originating in of all places Vancouver, where the winter problem is pretty small, and God knoiws those poor people were stresed!).
My guess is this actually makes minimal difference to my lifestyle, though I may have to be more careful about avoiding locally grown fruits and vegetables in the next couple of months. I love our fresh McIntoshes (even grow them), but I promise not to eat them; maybe I can trade mine with someone from 100 miles away.
Now this project would be trivial in the Canadian winter! Everyone here does it. Right now there are those who extol local produce.
And hey! It is nice - I keep wandering down each week to the local farmers' market recently established in my neighborhood and think the tomatoes look great, though they cost four times the cost of the Mexican tomatoes I got with a short walk to a grocery store.
Moreover when I buy the Mexican tomatoes I can picture a poor Mexican peasant getting a little money, rather than the really fat guy who just drove his giant SUV in from suburban Toronto with his tomatoes.
So this is my commitment. I will keep updating!
August will be hell; I Will have to pick my peaches carefully!


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