Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More Head-Shaking than Laughter

Like, who could possibly care?
What I find so hilarious reading this is that I know NOT ONE of the names of the principals, except of course for the long-dead Northrop Frye. This tells me pretty much all I need to know about how important this discussion is; that it makes it into MacLeans shows MacLeans' continuing problem, I am pretty sure not mine. I am quite well-educated, have long been interested in literature and culture, and not one of these pipsquaeks every hit my radar. Unlike, say, Steve Jobs, someone who makes a difference, or Ian McEwan, someone who can write an interesting book.
(Oh yes and I do recognize the name Margaret Atwood that showed up! But has she written anything anyone cares about in twenty years?)
When I started chasing links I wanted to take Canadian lit seriously, but I actually found NONE of the links very interesting.
Meanwhile I am making good use of the very excellent Toronto Public Library, though, not a Canadian book I can recall at this point.
Oh and if you want an overdose of Northrop Frye, I used to go here but never do since they tumbled off the rails into stuopid politics.


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