Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Like the Changing of the Guard

So welcome Dawna! She gazes down at me as well from many billboards on the Danforth!
Now I have to confess I doubt I have EVER seen the Global National News so this new bit of eye candy is unlikely to make much of a difference in my life.
Now the other private network has enlisted its own sort of eye candy, at the cost of losing pretty much the only journalist I thought worth two bits there.
Meanwhile, over at the tree-hugging, Brikenstock-wearing CBC, Old Baldy continues to rule the roost (I speak as someone with a generic gift for outrageous hair in aging). They would have been well served replacing him with his ex-wife! But no way government-subsidized old men will readily yield to the new generation!
UPDATE: The gall of the CBC has almost no end. The CBC recently allowed Evan Solomon (OK not allowed - encouraged) to interview some joker whose complaint about a Sun News application for broadcast rights actually went so far as to suggest that taxpayers might subsidize them! Good God! We cannot have such discussion on the CBC!


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