Wednesday, October 20, 2010

l'm Baffled - Bristol Palin on DWTS

Ann Althouse watches this clip:

Even when the judges come up with some nice things to say about her dancing, she can't smile. Please, let the girl go home! If you can bear — or ape — to watch the whole clip, you'll hear her, toward the end, say "I hate the jive." She means, presumably, the dance they were doing, "the jive." But wouldn't it be awesome if she were awake enough to mean all this bullshit I've been put through since as long as I can remember?
Huh? She seems to me to be smiling and her comment "I hate the jive" was clearly a simple assertion that she was doing things way out of her comfort zone. Which is the whole point of DWTS, and she surely knew that before agreeing to be on it.
My read of this was that she is a somewhat reserved girl, with a sense of humor.
And people really are different; consider Brandy and her exulting in the praise of the judges. No reserve there and that was delightful too.
In any case, if she really is suffering, I suspect she will have to suffer only a couple more weeks, though she must be getting a lot of votes each week.


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