Monday, October 25, 2010

More on the Creative Class theme in other words.

Glenn Reynolds a bit on an earlier theme. And one of Glenn's readers (pretty clearly a creative class guy, if not utterly super):
I’ve met many, many Tea Partiers at this point and they are not anti-elitist in a general, superficial sense. Indeed, they most often admire those who have succeeded by dint of a good education or hard work or taking advantage of a bit of good luck. The subset of elitists that we are fed up with are the ones in the government, the media, and academia who think (erroneously) that they know better what we should be doing with our time every day and have the right to pick our pockets to fund it. Not only are we tired of being condescended to (and take my word for it, I could wipe the floor with most of them intellectually) but they’re obviously screwing everything up. So, to borrow Lee Harris’ word from his new book, we’re the “ornery” bastards who, from time to time, rise up to put the elite (and effete) corps of impudent snobs back in their place.
Read Glen's whole post - it is easy to see the attraction of Canada to Richard Florida, once you map 'eltie' to 'creative class', which I am pretty sure is a mapping in his perhaps small brain.
'pick our pockets' is the whole point.


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