Monday, October 25, 2010

More on the David Chen Trial - An answer to a rhetorical question

The world is full of rhetorical questions. I love this one from David Chen`s prosecution.
But Eugene McDermott, the Crown prosecutor, said the grocers broke the law.
“A man was accosted, pushed against a fence, pushed to the ground, and hogtied,” Mr. McDermott said. “Two of his assailants climbed into the van to restrain him. Is this the kind of conduct that is reasonable and measured?”
Well, were I on the jury I would be thinking yup especially given the nature of the guy they tied up.
This is not `Hang 'em High`. This is constraining a well-known creep. Not hanging him.
“Of course shopkeepers are entitled to protect their property. Of course they are entitled to arrest people in the terms of Article 494 [the citizen’s arrest provisions of the Criminal Code.] But that’s not what happened in this case. He seized a person off the streets, tied him up and threw him in the back of a van. Once again, nobody calls police. There are a number of points that beggar belief.”
I wonder how useful the police have been or would have. (Actually this case answers the question.) At least while the little creep was tied up he was not stealing from other places, as of course he did shortly after cutting a deal with the Crown.
How the hell did we get here? It must have taken some hard work by some pretty creative lefties.


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