Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mad Men Season Finale - Tom and Lorenzo

They nail the episode beautifully.
They hit many things I have already discussed but also do a nice job describing January Jones' great skills in one utterly key and subtle scene:
And now, with Henry openly revealing his disgust for her, she "forgets" Don is stopping by with the realtor, quickly powders her nose before he comes in, and puts out some feelers to see if they still have anything of any worth between them. That is EXACTLY what was going on in that scene, even if, like we said, Betty would never admit it. When he asks her about her new house, she wrinkles her nose and says "It's not perfect." Once again, we feel compelled to point out that January Jones, at least in this role, is a better actress than people give her credit for. The wave of emotions that briefly washed over her face (before she quickly locked them down) upon hearing Don's news was brilliant. The fact that she blurted out Bethany's name lets us know just how much she's been obsessing over that girl since she first set eyes on her. That scene in the kitchen was deeply sad and beautifully played. It depresses us to think so, but Betty's not looking at much happiness in her future, as far as we can see. Not unless she gets up from some of the blows she took this episode and really examines herself. Henry's not gonna stick around "in another man's dirt" much longer if she doesn't get her shit together.
She gets Bethany's surname too, which would not have come to my mind!


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