Wednesday, October 20, 2010

DWTS - This Week's Elimination

ABC milks this franchise brilliantly. And it was very interesting that the first thing they did last night was announce that the two lowest-scoring teams were safe; Bristol and Kyle clearly have constituencies of voters out there!
There was a lovely moment Monday night, when Maks and Brandy returned to the interview area, and Kurt Warner tapped Maks as a congratulation, for their truly wonderful performance. I wonder how much interaction there is for the different couples, other than the competition days. But it was nice to see the recognition on one of those days.
Very sweet - the Congolese immigrant family and their dance.
And anyone who looks at my sidebar knows I am always willing to watch Shakira Mebarak perform. So thanks ABC!
The producers of this show are so good; Hasselhof's 'ad' was wonderful, and that they got Michael Bolton back to sing when I was not watching was very smart.
But farewell Florence Henderson. I knew your weeks were numbered, as are Bristol's and Kyle's, and I suspect everyone's but Jennifer's and Brandy's.
Florence left with such class and she was dead right - it is clear how well-produced this show is and it deserved all her praise.


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