Thursday, July 21, 2005

Favourite movies over time

Hmmm - I am inspired by Mr Eclectic.

My answer is pretty bad compared to his:

OK here goes:

1964: My Fair Lady

1964: Mary Poppins

1969; Citizen Kane (wow! finally saw that! wild film)

1970: MASH (do NOT confuse this with the crappy TV series)

1971: Les Enfants du Paradis (magnificent - no idea what to say about it! just flat out great - superb acting, wonderful script)

1980: The Searchers

Sadly, I have nothing since then that changes my mind. This film features a delightful and young Natalie Wood, and a very subtle role from Jeffrey Hunter (who died so sadly young), and a performance of profound subtlety from John Wayne. (Yeah, yeah, some will be skeptical, but this is a great performance.) John Ford also exploits the other usual suspects to make a wonderfully complex film, not what facile critics like to think about Westerns.

Only once in the last 25 years have I considered changing the rankings - this for You can Count on Me. But The Searchers wins stil for me because of the surprise elements in it (John Wayne as the bad guy>?...)


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