Saturday, January 28, 2006

Reader Challenge

I have posted before on the writing of Ken Wiwa in the Globe and Mail. He has presented a profound challenge in this morning's column.
The challenge to you readers. Find content in this column. Comments are open. Of course, unfortunately, you also have to PAY for this stuff, and I decidedly do NOT suggest you do.
Here is my favourite sentence (a generous assessment of its grammatical form):
When I put it to Mr. Kiernan that the business world might just be for turning, he advised caution, pointing out that for all the sweet talk about sustainability that trips off CEOs' tongues these days, the real tipping point will come when we can "reengineer the DNA of financial markets".
OK not all of this nonsense is Wiwa. "DNA of financial markets"? But he chooses to reproduce it, deflecting blame. What is "turning"? And "tipping point"? - man, don't we ache for cliche. I do admire the fact that the word "CEOs' " appears as I would have edited/proofread it.

What is stunning is that you are expected to pay for the privilege of reading something like that.


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