Thursday, November 26, 2009

CRTC Madness Continues

The hearings go on and the discussion continues to seem to hover around the idea that commissioners and arbitrators can decide what the signal from as TV channel is 'worth'.
Look - every room in my house has a TV, and I have been a customer of Rogers Cable for over 30 years, and I have begrudged their charges. They sell stuff in weird packages, so I end up able to receive around 300 channels, when I actually really want only at most ten.
Now the current hearings are actually pretty funny from my point of view. There seems some weird worship of local programming, when for 30 years it is perfectly clear that the reason I have paid for cable TV is to get non-local programming! The local channels are not among those I want! I don't need or want cable to get the local crap. And now some government commission wants to dun me to pay for what I never wanted at all!
The deepest irony is that I am watching these hearings on my computer, not over cable OR the air. These guys are headed the way of the dodo, and I hope I get to see a lot of them fade away. These hearings are an unpleasant blot on this society.


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