Tuesday, July 13, 2010

CBC Has Found an Expert on Water

Must have taken them forever to find Sarah Harmer; and my God she is knowledgeable!
She feels she must overcome a lot of bad stuff using anthemic music. It's a bit sad but this self-importance is a tad hard to deal with.
Good God - she has saved the Niagara Escarpment! It's pretty big, pretty hard to wreck. Oh well, the CBC needs to talk to her and she needs to talk to them.
I imagine there is something good on A&E.
UPDATE: Just as I was leaving the interview I found that Sarah is deeply concerned about the science of her cause (without actually bothering try to learn or understand it). Must do some web surfing tomorrow to understand how deep her knowledge is. I think I know already.
I will say Evan Solomon salivates, and while she admits at the end she is not a scientist, he continues to salivate.


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