Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Day of Rest is Coming

The last many days have been so stressful, as I needed to watch the Tour de France, the available World Cup matches, and the US LPGA Women's Open.
The last of these is coming to an end today, and has certainly been the most enjoyable to watch. Look, it's women, and I like watching them, and the womeon on the LPGA have been leaving behind the rather general fat and unfit look they had for so long; in fact Paula Creamer, about to win, after wondering in tears only a few months ago whether she would ever play golf again, is about to win. I am delighted. Over the moon! Also pleased that the Norwegian Suzanne Pettersen has worked herself back into a tie for second.
And the Tour de France! What can one say? L'Alpe d'Huez, so consistently Lance Armstrong's friend, proved to be the finish of his worst stage ever possibly at the Tour - crashes, flats, you name it. But meanwhile the whole young generation of his successors were utterly amazing. I can hardly wait for Tuesday to see who has what left. They inspire me, drug-ridden as they may be. My fantasy performance at my level can be done without EPO, blood doping, steroids or whatever.
The most useless event of the day was the World Cup soccer (in case you wondered) final - full of bad referee calls (exposed almost immediately by TV replays), stupid yellow cards and stupid lack of same. That Spain won made a certain sense but my view is that nobody would watch this if it were not for crazy local loyalties. Well, that is just me, and I did watch it. :-)


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